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Artist David Craig, a highly acclaimed Canadian illustrator has always enjoyed communicating through art. As a young person growing up in Ottawa Ontario, Craig developed his keen fascination with the depiction of Canadian history. As a professional artist he has had many opportunities to further hone this unique talent. Craig has designed several coins for the Canadian Mint including the sesquicentennial silver dollar. He has also created a series of paintings commemorating Canada’s contribution during World War II. Such projects have allowed Craig to develop his own unique style typified by bold colour combinations. David Craig’s artistic expression is characterized by a close attention to detail and accuracy. It has been said that Craig spends as much time researching his subjects as creating his impressive pieces. Such precision has enabled him to successfully develop works for a diverse series of clientele including Chatelaine and Readers’ Digest as well as Molson Brewery, the Canadian Football League and Marquee Magazine.

The works of David Craig have been celebrated publicly at the prestigious O’Keefe Center in Toronto. An exhibit featuring over 200 illustrations and spanning fifteen years of work remained on display for one month longer than scheduled in response to public demand. The highly successful retrospective of this artists’ works is one testament to his artistic legacy. More recently David Craig received the 2003 James Madison Book Award for his artwork in the children’s book, First to Fly: How Wilbur and Orville Wright Invented the Airplane . This American award has brought international attention, including praise from Lynne Cheney, wife of American Vice President Richard Cheney. First to Fly, has been celebrated as a detailed and imaginative tribute to American history. A treasured Canadian and international talent, Mr. Craig remains committed to artistic communication and expression.


  • US History Prize by Lynne Cheney

    Two Canadians won a $10,000 award yesterday for their book on aviation pioneers Wilbur and Orville Wright at a ceremony at the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum, presided over by Lynne Cheney, wife of US Vice President Dick Cheney. Author Peter Busby of Vancouver, British Columbia, and illustrator David Craig of Toronto were each presented with a $5000 check by Mrs. Cheney for being the first winners of the James Madison Book Award, established in April. The annual award, which is funded by Mrs. Cheney from the proceeds of her book, "America: A Patriotic Primer" is given to the book that best presents American history for children ages five through fourteen.

    I'm a patriotic 'American-Canadian' said Craig, 57, who was born in Saskatchewan, grew up in Ottawa and has always had a great love of history. He loves Americans and believes citizens of the bordering countries really are "so similar". Craig also appreciates the fact the Wright brothers book, which was among hundreds of books submitted by publishers in 2002, was chosen solely on its merits and not the nationalities of its illustrator and author. "I say all the power to the U.S. for that," said Craig. "They picked what they felt was the best book." Craig doesn't yet know how he'll use the windfall from the prize. The book will be available in paperback in Canadian bookstores this July for $9.99. A hardcover version is already available for $22.99. It's the first year for the award, which was launched by Lynne Cheney, wife of U.S. Vice President Dick Cheney, and paid for through proceeds from her own children's book, America: A Patriotic Primer. The award is for books aimed at ages five to fourteen and is named for the fourth president of the U.S. " who loved books from the time he was a child and who changed history with the knowledge he gained from reading," according to the award's Web site

2000 Golden Cylinder Award

Matching a complicated color on foil, film and board was just one of the many obstacles this winner had to overcome to end up with the “six-color” total package. Designed to capitalize on the millennium festivities, this innovative “shrink to fit” label’s overall graphic impact popped out at the judges and off the shelves, demonstrating the detail and seamless quality available only with gravure.